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King of the Supras – Motor Sport Mechanical’s KNG2JZ

There are insanely fast drag Supras , well-sorted street Supras and of course show quality Supras. This particular example from the Motor Sport Mechanical stable attempts to combine all three in one near-perfect package.

Fast on the street, Furious at the strip and sporting a show-quality finish this could be the world’s most versatile Supra.

MSM is best known for their work with Nissan’s RB engine. In fact, you may recall our feature on their Silver Bullet R32 last year.

So, when MSM owner Mick rocked up to Haltech with this amazingly clean Supra we had to know more.

The aim was for a “US-Style” Street Supra, capable of 7 second passes on radials.

In the super clean engine bay sits one of Toyota’s legendary 2JZ engines, that has been upgraded with Nissan R35 coils, 12 injectors, forged pistons, and forged rods. Just about the only thing that hasn’t been touched is the stock oil pump, which Mick says may be the best part about it.

2Js love boost, so MSM has fitted a 7685 Gen 2 turbo which is good for about 1100HP on 38psi, but Mick hasn’t even turned it up, yet. Boost control is set up in the Haltech to work via the transbrake and race timer.

A Waterman mechanical fuel pump drives off the front of the camshaft and ensures the 2J never runs out of fuel.

Being a street car, the Supra has a full interior with black leather Recaros and suede trim.

One of the neatest features of the interior is the Billet Buttons which are used to switch on Traction Control, Rolling Anti-lag, Nitrous Purge, Fuel Temp Cooler, and of course sound the horn… because it is a street car.

In the back is an electric power steering pump that is RPM responsive through the Haltech ECU. Oh, there’s also a not so subtle Nitrous bottle.

The car gets street driven even with the bead locks, Strange brakes, etc fitted!

KNG2JZ is truly an impressive build, well deserving of the King of the Supras title it lays a claim to.

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