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Kyle Mohan flies the rotary flag at Formula Drift

Following the successful Pacific Northwest round in Monroe, Washington, Kyle Mohan traveled to the northeast to showcase the power of his 1000hp rotary-powered Mazda MX-5 at the Formula Drift rounds in Englishtown, New Jersey and Montreal, Canada.

With each round, the team faced challenges from the hot, humid and wet weather to some mechanical issues. The KMR team learned from each and pushed the limits to optimize the car’s setup feeling improvements in the driver seat each round.

“I won’t lie, these were some exciting but tough rounds for my team. We were pushing the limits of the car to the extreme and demanding more performance and reliability of our components than ever before.”

“Formula Drift cars are some the most advanced, high-powered builds currently in the world of professional racing. Thankfully I have great fans, family and support with superior products that allow me to compete at the highest level of professional motor sports.”

Kyle’s 1000hp triple rotor engine is controlled by Haltech’s Elite 2500 ECU.

“The fans are the key to making Formula Drift successful, and I want to give them the best experience at the track and enhance their understanding of what makes this motorsport so epic.”

Mohan will compete at Texas Motor Speedway for Formula Drift Round 7 on September 8th and 9th. The event will be streamed live on FormulaD.com.