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What lies beneath – Huss Ghamrawi’s GTR-fied VL Commodore


Holden’s VL Commodore and Nissan’s GT-R share a common heritage with a version of the RB engine powering both classic models. Because of that, we’ve seen plenty of VLs running more GT-R-like DOHC versions of the RB before, but we’ve never seen anything like this!


Huss Ghamrawi always loved the look of the VL Commodore, but was sick of GT-Rs winning all the races at the local race track so he figured, if you can’t beat’em join’em!


Huss bought a VL Commodore for just $150 and, over the next year, thoroughly GT-Rfied it. The car was stripped down and had the floor out leaving just the bare shell.


Huss then did the same with an R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R leaving just the floor and driveline. The VL body was then dropped over the GT-R floor pan which was trimmed down to suit the Commodore wheelbase.


The R33 GT-R driveline was upgraded to newer R34 front and rear differentials.


The VL was then dressed up in a Walkinshaw suit with the full body kit, and a custom interior sewn together to match.


An RB26 was stroked out to 2.7-litres with a Nitto stroker, and put together with plenty of Turbosmart, HKS and Hypertune gear by Huss’ brother Hamza and the team at Just Engine Management.


The brain of the setup is a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU coupled with a Haltech IQ3 Dash, and a long list of Haltech sensors. 


With a GTX4240 providing boost, it’s good for a tidy 650kw, at all four wheels of course. The overall package is a perfect marriage of form and function and a proof that you can indeed have the best of both worlds!