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Mad Mike back on top at D1NZ R4

After a collision and the resulting mechanical issues meant that he could not complete round 3 of D1NZ, Mad Mike was eager to get back on top in round 4.

With the engine freshly rebuilt, running a Haltech Platinum SPORT 2000 with over 600kW at the wheels the BADBUL was ready to roll.

Mike Whiddett pushed hard from the outset, taking a fast and aggressive line and qualifiying 3rd for the dual car battles.

The first battle was up against Daynom Templeman in his RX7, who spun while chasing Whiddett, giving him a significant buffer that Templeman could not recover from.

The next challenge was from Nissan Silvia driver Bruce Tannock who put up a strong fight, but could not keep up with the pace of Whiddett and the fresh BADBUL RX8.

This was followed by the Top 4 battle with Cole Armstrong in his black Nissan Skyline. After a close battle and strong opposition from Armstrong, Mad Mike was judged the victor.

The final battle was against Andrew Redward who is currently running 2nd in the championship. Two Mazdas – BADBUL with its turbocharged triple rotor against Redward’s LS2 powered FC. After a strong chase from Redward he hit the rear bumper of the BADBUL and spun, giving Whiddett the advantage he needed to take the win.

Haltech is a proud sponsor of Mad Mike Whiddett’s BADBUL.
The BADBUL runs a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000, IQ3 Logger DashHPI6 ignitor and TCA4