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MADBUL joins the Elite team


While Mad Mike’s RADBUL MX-5 is busy competing in Formula Drift, we took this opportunity to revisit Mike’s other quad rotor, the equally famous MADBUL RX7.


This wide bodied, flame-throwing, smoke machine has long been a crowd favourite and featured in several viral YouTube videos.


Powered by a peripherally ported, PPRE-built, four rotor Mazda engine, the car has been running a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 up until now.


Time for a change: After years of faithful service the Sport 2000 was replaced with a brand new Elite 2500.

Apart from the Elite, the new setup also features an IQ3 Logger DashHPI6 ignitor and TCA4.


With the ECU in place it was time to tune and then a quick dyno run.



While Mike remains tight-lipped about the power output of this beast, we can confidently say that it’s “more than enough”. The video below shows the car’s first dyno pull with the Elite 2500 onboard.

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