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Of mice and men – The WTAC conquering Might Mouse CRX

If you’re a Honda fan or have been following World Time Attack for any length of time, then we don’t need to introduce Rob Nguyen and the Mighty Mouse CRX. If you’re one of the few uninitiated, read on and prepare to have your mind blown.

The 101 Motorsports-prepped CRX has been a part of the Time Attack entourage since the early days when the event was called Superlap and held at Sydney’s Oran Park Raceway before its closure. However, the car has been with Rob even longer, as believe it or not the mouse was Rob’s first ever car! “My brother owned it since 1995. Sold it to me for cheap in 1997 and I’ve owned it ever since!” Rob tells us. 

This year’s performance at WTAC was a true highlight in the little CRX’s career. Rob’s best time of 1:26.2760 was enough to win him the Pro-Am class, 4th outright, fastest FWD car, fastest Honda, fastest… mouse? Look, it was just fast, okay!  

We can’t give all the credit to the Mighty Mouse, however. The truth is that Rob himself definitely can steer! He was very successful internationally in Formula 3000 – In fact, he was considered such a talent at a young age, that he was awarded a full time F3000 drive after having previously only competed in nine races.

Look under the mouse’s hood and you’ll find a supercharged Honda K Series, originally from an Accord Euro. The engine has been stroked to 2.5L thanks to the team at JHH Racing. We don’t know how much power it is making, but we reckon somewhere between 650-700whp is a reasonable estimate. Engine management is sorted by a whole suite of Haltech products centred around an Elite 2500 ECU running some pretty tricky maps and tables to control boost, traction, and more.

Speaking of the engine, here’s a little secret many people may not know: Way back at WTAC 2012 Rob blew an engine during Thursday testing. The team brought the car to Haltech HQ and spent the next few days rebuilding the motor, finally finishing on Saturday, the last day of the event. The Mighty Mouse smashed it and took the class win only completing two laps the whole weekend!

So what’s next for Rob and Mighty Mouse? Well, Rob has publically said the car will now be retired from WTAC, but that doesn’t mean the end of racing. In fact, Rob is actually hoping to drive it more. He’s aiming to do more local events in his home state of Queensland, plus Victorian Time Attack, the Adelaide festival of speed etc. With the goal of breaking lap records in the process.

There is one big un-ticked box on the bucket list, however. That is Japan… Rob says he’s now devoting all his energy to take the mouse to Tsukuba, the spiritual home of Time Attack racing, and we really hope to see him make that dream come true in the very near future. 

Rob has had a great team of people help him out on the journey thus far, that he’d like to send heartfelt thanks to:

101 Motorsport
JHH racing
Momentum MotorSport
Oceania College of Technology

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