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Motorex 2018 Wrap Up

With over 400 vehicles on display, totalling over $40 million in value, Meguiar’s MotorEx is the largest and most prestigious car show of its kind in Australia.

Each year, the event attracts Australia’s best custom and modified cars, which travel from all over the country to create an amazing visual spectacle of colour, chrome and individual style.

The eclectic mix of hot rods, old school muscle, high tech performance and race cars is a reflection of the vibrant and diverse car culture in Australia.

From Aussie and American muscle to Euro and Japanese performance, the quality and variety of cars on display was staggering!

MotorEx also showcases the industry’s newest and most exciting products and one of the big unveils at this year’s event was Haltech’s new Plug’n’Play ECU for the popular Ford Barra.

Sami’s F6 Typhoon was the star of the Haltech stand sporting the soon-to-be-released Barra plug-in ECU.

With over 700rwkw the Typhoon was a great test car for the new ECU.

For more info on the new Elite Pro Plug-in ECU for Barra-powered Ford Falcons, click here: https://www.haltech.com/ford-falcon-pnp-ecu-coming-soon/

There was no shortage of Haltech-powered muscle across all MotorEx halls. The PROPA Torana was one of the standouts in the “Meguiars Superstars” hall.

Featuring a blown LS, immaculate trim, paint as deep as the ocean, a myriad of cool engineering touches, and hours and hours of attention to detail PROPA certainly lived up to its name.

Inside or out, you could not fault PROPA’s finish and workmanship.

A Haltech Elite 2500 was used to control the blown LS.

Also featured in the “Superstars” hall was Glenn and Matthew’s ’32 Ford Tudor.

The car makes over 600hp thanks to its Haltech-powered 400ci, blown, small block and it looks amazing while doing it!

To be featured in the “Superstars” hall, the car had to have an exceptional finish and attention to detail.

The 32 CDAN fulfilled all the requirements with ease.

Dave Jones’ 1968 Camaro is one of the nicest examples we’ve seen.

Powered by a 427ci big-block Chev and pumping out over 700hp, Dave’s Camaro is actually street driven.

The engine is a work of art and drew plenty of attention from the crowds.


A glove box mounted Haltech ECU ensures the engine runs smoothly and reliably.

This Commodore had SUBTLE on the plates. Yeah right! the only thing subtle about it was the nice neat Haltech install in the glove box!

We’re used to seeing Chev LS motors in classic cars, but an old-school Chev Small Block into a late model Monaro is pretty different.

With a little help from Haltech’s Elite ECU, this car made 1200RWHP on the MotorEx hub dyno so the combo is definitely working!

Who doesn’t love the cool, clean lines of a classic VK Commodore?

Especially when the engine bay houses a Haltech-controlled turbo LS.

Another thoroughbred from the MPW stable.

This VL belongs to Nathan Borg, pumps out over 1200hp, uses a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU and might even make an appearance at this year’s Drag Challenge!


Back in the Performance Garage hall we spotted Chubby’s new project.

A long time ago, Chubby from Lowe Fabrications drove his Summernats trophy winning Commodore across Australia running a Haltech E6GMX.

Well, how things have changed! The VB Commodore was on display at Meguiar’s MotorEx looking very different, and well on its way to being back on the road.

Rumours say it’ll be running an all-new Haltech set-up too!


It wouldn’t be an Australian car show without a proper Aussie ute.

This VS Commodore features an immaculately presented Holden V8 stroker.

Hiding in the glovebox in a simple Elite ECU setup.

THELMA – the Haltech-controlled LS-swapped Toyota Corolla.

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