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MotorEx 2019

Meguiar’s MotorEx is the largest and most prestigious car show of its kind in Australia.

Every year Meguiar’s MotorEx attracts the best of Australia’s custom and modified cars, which travel to Australia’s second best city, Melbourne, to create an amazing visual spectacle of colour, chrome and individual style.

As always, Haltech was there with a huge stand featuring, not only our newest and best products, but also two of Australia’s toughest street cars for show attendees to feast their eyes on.

Gino’s 1967 Fastback Mustang was causing traffic issues at our stand, with the number of people stopping to have a look.

Powered by a twin turbo 428ci Nelson Racing Engine and with a Haltech Elite 2500 calling the shots – the silver classic has the go to match its undeniable good looks.

With a sexy Ford on the right side of our stand, we just had to have one of the General’s finest on the left.

Nathan’s genuine HDT LE VL  is another twin-turbo beast featuring a Haltech-controlled Powerhouse Engines 440ci LS under the bonnet.

Unveiled in the House of Kolor Inauguration, Travis’ TIFNCO 1955 Ford F100 sat pretty in Tiffany Blue.

Under the hood, upsetting Ford purists, is a dry-sumped 400ci Small Block Chev, sporting twin Garrett GTX turbos. With an MPW tune in the Elite 2500 the lump is good for 1300HP on pump E85 – That’s a lot!

The classic interior has been beautifully retrimmed and slightly updated with a Haltech IQ3 dash sitting behind the colour-coded Tiffany Blue steering wheel.

Another Ford turning heads at MotorEx was WKDPONY Mustang, which had pride of place on the Herrod Performance stand.

The red rocket features at twin-turbo kit sourced from Hellion in the USA, and a Haltech IQ3 dash displaying vital info to the driver.

A crowd favourite was Tuff Mounts’ Barra-swapped Fox Body Mustang.

The car is an R&D tool for Tuff Mounts who will be producing a kit to drop the tough Aussie six into the popular US chassis. It is nearing completion, and we can’t wait to see it run a number!

Back at MotorEx was Dave’s 68 Camaro. We featured this car in our MotorEx wrap-up video last year, and let us tell you it still looks just as great today.

From the cock-pit, you’d never know this was anything other than an imacculately restored classic.

But pop the hood, and you’ll see a fuel injected 427ci big block with oh-so-pretty custom individual throttle bodies sitting on top.

Shaun’s TE Cortina used to be red, and powered by a carby-fed Ford six, these days it is blue, but that’s not all that has changed.

A Tunnel Vision Turbocharging-built Intech SOHC engine (predecessor of the much vaunted Barra) nestles niceley into the smoothed and detailed engine bay.

The interior is super clean as well, and features a Haltech IQ3 dash in place of the original cluster.

Dyno-Mite Performance had Maria’s Haltech-controlled Falcon on display – Being Australia’s Quickest and Fastest street driven XR6, there was plenty of interest in the big four-door.

McDonald Bros Racing’s Monaro is a little different from most of the cars we see at MotorEx. We’re used to seeing early model Holdens stuffed with late model LS power.

However this one goes the other way. The late model coupe has been fitted with an earlier style Twin Turbo Small Block Chev.

It isn’t an Aussie car show, if you don’t see a Holden ute. UDLO5E is a VE – sadly the last of the line. With its big wheels, custom bronze paint, and suicide doors, you’d be forgiven for thinking this a pure show car.

But the Haltech-controlled, fully-forged 403ci LSX means it has plenty of GO to match the SHOW.

Street Machine Magazine’s Andrew Broadley and the Carnage Show crew hosted a live build on their stand.

Andrew’s LC Torana is a genuine GTR and has been fitted with an injected Holden 5 litre for many years. During the live build, it was converted from naturally aspirated to supercharged using a Harrop blower kit.

The Haltech E6GMX that controlled Holden 5L V8 back in the day was upgraded to a newer Sport GM Plug-in. The car was completed, started and revved before the show ended!

There were plenty of tough street cars on display in the Speedhunters LIVE exhibition on the grassed area between pavilions, but this Series 1 Ford Falcon FG belonging to Mackielec Industries caught our eye.

The car features a lot of clever mods like a battery relocation, upgraded turbo with a custom oil feed line and a Haltech IQ3 in-dash mount.

One of the cool features is the manual gearbox fitted with a Bremer sequential shifter and a strain gauge – all working perfectly with the Elite Pro Plugin ECU.

Troy’s FJ Ute won Grand Champion at Red CentreNATS where it proved that despite having plenty of show cred, it also has to go to match.

Power is provided by a 427-ci LSX that features a pair of Garret T51-R turbos and is controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU.

The fab work includes a 3/4 chassis and integrated 12-point roll cage, while under the rear is a four-link set-u, which should help it run a decent number when Troy decides to take it to the track.

Were you at MotorEx? Did you swing by the Haltech stand to say g’day or take a selfie? Remember to tag your posts on the socials with the hashtag #HaltechWeekend to let us know you were there!

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