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Product Overview: Multi-function CAN Gauge

UPDATE: Haltech Multi-purpose CAN Gauge is now supported by iOS which makes it compatible with Apple mobile devices. The Apple app is also backwards compatible with all Haltech Multi-Pupose CAN Gauges.

Haltech’s new Multi-function CAN Gauge displays real-time data from your Haltech ECU. Supported parameters such as boost pressure, air/fuel ratio, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, ethanol content, etc. can be displayed without additional sensors.

• The high contrast OLED display is bright for interior use and dims at night. Configure 1, 2, or 4 gauge layouts on up to 10 different pages.

• Create custom warning points, such as the high coolant temperature, which trigger a special warning screen and bright LED on the face of the gauge.

• Customise your Haltech Multi-function CAN Gauge to display the data you want to see using gauge-mounted buttons or an mobile app (requires Android 4.4 or later, Apple iOS 9.1 or later).

• Compatible with Haltech Platinum Sprint, Sport, Pro Plugin and Elite Series ECUs.

Multi-function OLED CAN Gauge with Smartphone Configuration

Part Number: HT-061010
Includes: 52mm (2″) CAN Gauge, gaugeART CAN Cable to 8 pin Black Tyco – 1.5m (5ft), mounting bracket.


Daisy-chain cable for Haltech Multi-function CAN Gauge

Part Number: HT-061011


5′ (1.5m) Extension cable for Haltech Multi-function CAN Gauge

Part Number: HT-061012