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Product Overview: Mitsubishi Eclipse 1G Turbo Plug’n’Play Adaptor


If you’re looking for a quick and easy plug-in solution to go with your Elite ECU then Plug’n’Play Adaptors are your best option.


Plug’n’Play Adaptor Harness allows you to use Haltech’s universal Elite ECUs by connecting them directly to the factory harness in your car via a Plug’n’Play Adaptor. This is an ideal solution for builders and tuners who want a quick and easy install without the need to rewire.

pluginadaptorbox PluginAdapter_diagram5

The Plug’n’Play Adaptor Harness comes complete with an adaptor box which has the factory ECU connector on one side and the Haltech mating connectors on the other.

PluginAdapter_diagram6_web PluginAdapter_diagram3

The Adaptor Harness connects the adaptor box to an Elite ECU on one side and to your car’s factory ECU harness on the other.

With the Haltech ECU connected, launch the Elite Software Programmer (ESP) and load your base map from the Haltech base map library. The base map will be sufficient to get your car going and give you a great starting point for further tuning.

Supported Applications: Mitsubishi Galant VR4 (87-92) ADM, JDM, Mitsubshi Eclipse 1G Turbo (90-94) USDM, JDM.

Supported Engines: 4G63T

Supported OEM Functionality:

• Idle Control
• A/C Request And Control
• Engine Control Relay
• Injector MFD
• Fuel Pump
• Knock Sensor 1
• Wastegate Control
• Coolant Temperature Sensor
• Air Temperature Sensor
• Boost Gauge (Dash)
• O2 Sensor
• Check Engine Light
• Throttle Position Sensor
• Barometric Pressure Sensor
• Ignition Input
• Vehicle Speed Sensor
• Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch
• Fuel Pressure Control Valved (BW1 Available To Elite1500/2500)
• EGR Control Solenoid Valve (DBW2 Available To Elite1500/2500)
• Purge Control Solenoid Valve

Not Supported OEM Functionality:

• MAF Sensor