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Nitto II – Mercury Rising

Toyota’s 2JZs and Mazda’s rotaries might have hogged all the spotlight at the recently held Brisbane Jamboree but an army of RB fans did not walk away disappointed with Mercury Motorsports’ yellow monster providing plenty of entertainment.

From a distance there is no mistaking that classic R32 GTR silhouette but a closer inspection reveals that this car is a far cry from its original form.

A custom, one-piece nose cone reveals a purposeful all-tube front end. 

The engine is a dry sumped, Nitto Performance Engineering 3.2L RB30 stroker hooked up to a Powerglide transmission. It pumps out in excess of 1600hp at all fours with 60psi of boost provided by a Precision ProMod turbo.

It’s obvious no corners were cut during this build with only top quality items used. Hypertune plenum, 6boost exhaust manifold, Turbosmart wastegate , fuel and oil pressure regulators.

A mechanical fuel pump ensures steady and plentiful fuel delivery. The engine is running methanol eliminating the need for an intercooler.

Haltech’s Elite 2500 takes care of engine management duties with the REM (Race Expansion Module) allowing Trent to run a sequential, 12 injector setup with two 2400cc injectors per each cylinder.

The car’s ET is 7.74@183.39mph though Trent explains it was set back in 2014 when the car had a few hundred HP less and was a fair bit heavier.

The car’s new setup had its debut at this year’s Brisbane Jamboree where Trent managed to set a new top speed PB with a 193.9mph pass.

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