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Product Overview: Polaris Slingshot Plug’n’Play Adaptor


As one of the very few mainstream ‘sit-in’ three-wheelers available commercially, the Slingshot dominates its niche market. A cross between an open wheeler and a motorcycle, the “reverse-trike” Slingshot is powered by a GM Ecotec, 2.4-litre, DOHC, 4 cylinder petrol engine producing in excess of 170hp. Haltech now offers an aftermarket ECU upgrade option for the Slingshot in a new Plug’n’Play Kit. Taking advantage of the Elite 1500’s advanced tuning/racing features and functions, the Slingshot Plug’n’Play ECU Kit will open up a whole world of tuning possibilities.


Additional Features

The Elite 1500 has additional features that can be configured and connected through the provided DTM8 connector which is part of the harness. This connector has outputs and inputs that can be configured in the software for different functions. These can be, but are not limited to:

Digital Ouputs:
• Air Con Output
• Aux Fuel Pump
• Boost Control
• ECU Diagnostic Light
• Intercooler Fans
• Thermo fans
• Shift Light

Digital and Analogue Inputs:
• Switched Inputs
• Aux. RPM Limit
• Flex Fuel Sensor
• Vehicle/Driveshaft Speed Sensors
• Trans Brake Input Switch
• Launch Control Switch
• Flat Shift Switch

OEM Functionality Supported:
• Drive By Wire Throttle
• Intake Cam Solenoid Control
• Exhaust Cam Solenoid Control
• Roll Over Sensor
• Knock Sensor
• Thermofan Relay
• Clutch Switch
• O2 Heater
• MAP Sensor
• Engine Control Relay
• Coolant Temperature Sensor
• Air Temperature Sensor
• Fuel Pump
• ABS (via CAN)
• Power Steering
• Factory Gauge Cluster options supported:
• Check Engine Light
• Speedo
• Tacho

Elite 1500 + Plug’n’Play Adaptor Harness Kit
– Polaris Slingshot (2015-2016)


Part Number: HT-150997
Suits: Polaris Slingshot (2015-2016)
Includes: Elite 1500 (with Race Functions) ECU, Polaris Slingshot Plug’n’Play Adaptor.