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Pikes Peak Predator


Aptly named “Hypercar”, Cody Loveland’s project is exactly that, a car built to its most extreme manifestation.


Lean, low and supremely aerodynamic, the Enviate Hypercar was unveiled at the PRI show late last year.


Built on a high-tech chromoly tube chassis, it truly is a work of automotive art.


Powered by a 1000hp, twin turbo LS-derived engine and weighing in at 930kg the car’s power-to-weight ratio sits around the magical 1:1.


The elaborate aero produces up to 10,000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph.


The suspension, much like the rest of the build is quite innovative.  There are six shocks in total, laid out in two triangulated setups, one on either end of the car.


There’s a shock for each tire and then the center shocks designed to absorb downforce without upsetting the overall suspension balance.


The engine has been wired using Haltech’s LS Terminated Engine Harness with Elite 2500 at the business end. IQ3 Logger Dash reads, displays and logs all the critical engine information.


The “function over form” philosophy behind this build is evident from just about any angle. This is a purpose-built weapon created with one goal in mind – to conquer the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.


Held in Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC)  is an annual race to the summit of Pikes Peak. The 12.42 mile track includes 156 turns and climbs from 4,720ft to a massive 14,110ft at the top. The track used to comprise a combination of gravel and paved sections but is now fully paved with the last dirt section event held in 2011.


Cody’s Enviate Hypercar runs in the Unlimited Division which, apart from the safety aspects has next to no rules giving builders a carte blanche when it comes to design, engine and build parameters.


Cody is no stranger to Pikes Peak having competed at the event a few years ago. This year he entrusted the steering duties to Paul Gerard, an experienced racing driver and a Pikes Peak veteran.


While there was no shortage of exotic and extreme cars at the event this year, Enviate stood out thanks to its unique shape and the roar of its twin turbo V8 engine.


But looking good and sounding great is only part of the equation. Backing it up with a good result is what really counts.


The years of hard work, sweat and anguish have paid off on the race day with Paul taking the Enviate to the second place in Ulimited Class with a time of 10:19:312.


Enviate stretches its legs on a rare straight section of the track. Photo: Rockit West.

Paul also hit 147mph through the picnic area which was one of the highest speeds of the day.


Congratulations to Cody, Paul and the whole LoveFab/Enviate Team. A well deserved 2nd Place in the most extreme class of one of the most extreme events in the world.


Deep inside the clouds at Devil’s Playground.


156 turns and a 4,600 foot climb but what a view! Photo: Rockit West.


At this altitude both cars and drivers are beginning to struggle for oxygen. Photo: Rockit West.


The driver may be getting the spotlight on the day but it’s the countless hours of work put in by Cody’s crew that make it all possible.