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PJ’s 950hp, AWD S13 Silvia

Paul Torony aka “PJ” is the proud owner of what we reckon is probably one of the most extreme S13 Silvias in the world.

The car is a common fixture at numerous events, from Runway, Roll and Grudge racing to Sport Compact Jamboree and the Flying 500 at the annual World Time Attack Challenge.

True to the old adage that “a project car is never truly finished”, PJ’s Silvia has evolved over the years and is still being developed and improved.

In its current guise the car is powered by an SR20DET with a 2.2L BC Stroker kit and a Neo VVL head (SR20VE). The engine has been built by Advance Motor Mechanics and tuned by Stix at Quickbitz.

Precision 7675 turbo provides 42psi of boost helping the engine push 950hp through the wheels. All that power gets to the ground via not just two but all four wheels. That’s right, PJ has transplanted an AWD system from a GT-R into his Silvia!

Haltech’s Elite 2500 controls the beast while an IQ3 dash logs and displays all the essential data.

With a string of 8-second passes (with a H-Pattern) already under his belt, PJ is keen to improve his PB and judging by his past performance it won’t be long before he gets into 7s.

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