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Product Overview: TCA-8 Thermocouple Amplifier

Exhaust Gas Temperature or EGT is an essential component of engine tuning. It helps in diagnosing problems and ensuring the proper operating range of an internal combustion engine.

Being able to accurately read and analyse EGTs enables a tuner to diagnose potential engine problems before failure and ensure proper cylinder equalization when tuning or running an engine at the edge of its operating capabilities.

Haltech’s new TCA8 Thermocouple Amplifiers increase the functionality of your Haltech ECU by providing multiple temperature sensor inputs for monitoring, tuning and logging.

• 8 Input Channels
• Temperature measurement range of 0 to 1000 degrees Celsius
• Outputs temperature via CAN bus communication to the ECU
• Interfaces with K-Type Thermocouples
• Input voltage range of 9 to 20 VDC
• Rugged billet aluminum case
• Compact dimensions

The new TCA8 Thermocouple Amplifiers are compatible with all Elite Series ECUs.
Part No. HT-059918


For systems using Haltech’s Platinum Series ECUs please use the TCA8 (4+4) version.
Part No. HT-059908