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Race Revolution Retrospective

The inaugural Race Revolution at Gunnedah Airport was run and won, and Haltech was there to check out all the action.

Race Revolution is Australia’s only dedicated half mile runway sprint, and there were plenty of wild and fast cars there to take on the runway. 

You don’t often see a Caldina in Oz. One that can do the Race Revolution half-mile in 17.891s even less so! 

Tuned by a well known Sydney workshop Just Engine Management (JEM), Abhi’s Caldina runs a Haltech ECU…

… with an IQ3 dash displaying all the vital engine info. 

Another beast from the JEM stable was Adam’s infamous R34 GTR.

The car needs no introduction and as expected was super fast. Managing a 16.2s pass, despite blowing an engine in 5th gear and only coasting across the line.

Don’t let the plain outside fool you. “Turbo” Tom’s EF is making bulk power thanks to a turbo Barra controlled by a Haltech ECU. 

Enough to do the Race Revolution half-mile in 19.13secs with a huge powerskid off the line!

It wasn’t just the start line that was giving him issues. As you can see, he was breaking traction everywhere, even at over 200km/h at the end of the track!

The EF’s interior is all business.

The Grim Performance R32 always turns heads. Mostly due to its unconventional turbo Barra powerplant. 

But at Race Revolution, it was snapping necks from sheer speed!

 264.4km/h over the half-mile made it the 10th overall fastest car at the event. 

Something new from Next Level Motorsport

Gavin’s Supra did the Race Revolution 1/2 mile in just 18.60 seconds with an extremely conservative tune!

The Red Devil has one of just about everything from the Haltech catalogue.

We can’t wait to see what it does when the wick is turned up!

One of the coolest things about Race Revolution is the variety of creations that come out of garages all over Australia of the event

Like this beautifully presented old school Escort.

Classic Escort lines with a modern SR20 under the bonnet!

One of our favourite cars at the event was this old HR Holden.

Still powered by a carby-fed Holden six, the old girl is given a fair “boost” in power thanks to a Borg Warner turbo neatly tucked in behind the carburettor. 

It hit the track for every run, and while it was far from the fastest car on the day, the owner looked like he was having a ball! 

Another guy who was having a great time was Manny with his twin-turbo Jeep. 

It doesn’t seem like the obvious choice for this sort of event, but Manny actually won the day in both speed and time completing the half mile run in 14.557s and at 300km/h in different runs.

It was an awesome day, and we were sad to see the end of it, but we’ll be back next year for more!

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