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RaceWars Makes Albany Great Again!

What kind of “car guy” hasn’t wondered how fast they could go given an long, open, straight, stretch of flat road and a heavy right foot?

Plenty have, and that’s why there were plenty of drivers in plenty of fast cars at Albany Airport a few hours south of Perth in Western Australia for Racewars 2019.

Racewars allows competitors to race in three different categories: 1/4 Mile Roll on Drag Racing, 1/2 Mile Roll on Drag Racing, and 1000m Max Velocity.

This means that whether you want to race side by side with a mate, or rival

Or just go flat out for top speed, this event is for you!

The event is open to just about any type of car imaginable, so when we made the 4000-odd kilometre trip over from Sydney earlier this month, we were blown away by the sheer diversity in cars.

From wide-body RX-7s…

…to T-buckets and boats…

… from JDM to Aussie Muscle. There was something for everyone.

Willall Racing’s R35 was the fastest car there with at top speed of 351.43km/h over 1000m.

Eddie Tassone’s mean looking Monaro took out the 1/2 Mile honours with a 323.06km/h max speed.

Jose’s ITP Halteched-up Supra muscled its way to second place in the VMax challenge with a trap speed of 338.54km/h, making it the fastest rear wheel drive car in Australia over 1000m. Jose also took out third place in the 1/2 Mile Roll on Drag Racing.

Team Christie’s Haltech-equipped Commodores dominated the 1/4 Mile Roll on Drag Racing with Ken Christie coming in second place with top speed of
247.48km/h – being juuuust edged out of the top spot by Greg Christie who broke the beams at 247.64km/h.

ASG Motorsports’ Backdraft Maloo was battling traction issues in its chase for the magic 300km/hr top speed.

A huge turbo in the back was probably the cause of said traction issues.

Don’t worry. The engine is where it is supposed to be, up front.

The scissor doors on Dark Horse Performance’s F-Truck might give the impression it’s all about looks.

But the stripped out interior means business…

The Haltech dash and trim knob hint at what is under the hood – A Haltech-managed Barra that propelled the brick-like F100 to a bum-puckering 245.00km/h during the 1/2 Mile Roll Drags.

Mason Ryan’s old-school Celica looked pretty classic from the outside.

But under the hood was a 1jz with plenty of oomph.

Tuned by WTFAuto in Perth the Haltech-equipped beast is dubbed “Cornfed” thanks to its steady diet of E85.

Mason managed a top speed of 261.69km/h, which sounds pretty sketchy in a 1977 built car.

WTFAuto also brought along a number of pretty fast Supras.

And some pretty fast MR2s as well! All running Haltech gear, of course.

This WTFAuto-built Supra runs an interesting compound turbo setup…

Compound turbo set-ups are cool!

Is this cool? WTFAuto built this 500hp turbo V6 Camry specifically for the event. The front wheel drive grandma-mobile was apparently a handful at top speed!

This is definitely cool. The LOLVO as it is known, started life as a run of the mill 1980 Volvo 242GT.

What was once one of the world’s safest cars is now a whole lot less safe thanks to a turbocharged, iron block LS.

She ain’t pretty, but she can hustle – Driver Andrew Strickland got the flying brick up to a staggering 292.12km/h over 1000m!

Check out our Racewars gallery with more pics below!