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Diamond in the Rough: Auston’s RB25 powered Nissan Navara

RB25 Ute 1

Sometimes we like to feature something a little off the beaten track and Auston’s 1994 Nissan D21 hard body definitely fits that bill.

RB25 Ute 13

Auston picked up the truck in the spring of 2016. It came as a rolling shell for $500, and as you can see in the picture below, it was in a pretty rough shape.

RB25 Ute 8

Unsure of what to do with his new whip, Auston set to a bit of brainstorming and came up with the idea of putting a Nissan Skyline engine under the hood.

RB25 Ute 2

After all, a Nissan in a Nissan makes sense, right? Should be a pretty easy fit, right?
Yeah… not so much! As Auston discovered when RB25DET NEO engine arrived and was test-fitted into the truck it sat too far forward in the engine bay!

RB25 Ute 5

What happened next reminds us of a sign hung up at a precarious-looking construction site; “if it doesn’t fit, get a bigger hammer”. Auston’s bigger hammer involved cutting the firewall and setting it back about an inch.

RB25 Ute 11

He was then able to use the stock passenger engine mount location and, after fabricating a driver side mount and trans bracket, successfully mount the engine and gearbox.

Auston then decided to mount the radiator in the back of the truck which he says turned out to be a horrible idea as the RB had difficulty holding coolant after a few hard drives.

RB25 Ute 3

With that in mind and not being overly satisfied with the stock power of the NEO, Auston decided to pull the truck apart and upgrade the setup.

RB25 Ute 6

The engine is now a built  RB25DET NEO with a top mount GTX3076R turbo. Currently Auston is only pushing 10psi of boost into the motor as it is still being broken in.

RB25 Ute 15

Power makes its way to the ground via an R33 RB25 trans, and a stock rear end setup with 4:11 gears. Auston also invested in a full Beltech drop kit for the suspension to sit the truck nice and snug over the 17×9 MST wheels and 205/50r17 tires.

 RB25 Ute 17

Auston is using a Haltech ECU and IQ3 display dash combo which he chose because of their user-friendliness, tuning capabilities, and hassle free install. 

RB25 Ute 16

Having been built for drifting, power skids, and cruising on the streets and at events like Powercruise, the truck is sure to turn a few heads once the boost is wound up!

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