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Rod Browitt’s 1000hp, 8-sec Holden Ute


1000hp and 8-second quarters – not bad for a car that started its life as an all-purpose farm ute. When Rodney Browitt bought the HQ ute from its original owner (for just $700) and his intent was to turn it into a burnout car. Once he started modifying it though, the plan changed somewhat.


The old 202 was quickly replaced with a modern LS motor which was then ditched in favour of an LQ9 truck block.


With an 80mm Borg Warner turbo providing boost and Haltech Elite 2500 taking care of the engine management, the car pushed out 1030hp at 7300rpm.


Competing at the 2016 Street Machine Drag Challenge Rod encountered more than his fair share of problems. With a damaged turbo compressor wheel and a boost leak (later traced down to a broken wastegate fitting) Rod only managed mid 9-second passes, well below the car’s true potential.


Rod persisted and after finally locating and fixing the boost leak he ran 8.87@153mph on the very last day of competition finishing 5th in his class and 12th overall.


ABOVE: Rod also runs Haltech’s Flex Fuel system which comes in handy at events like the Street Machine Drag Challenge that require the cars to be driven to and from each race track.


ABOVE: Underneath that mirrored visor is a very determined and serious race face!


ABOVE: Don’t be fooled by its “Old & Rusty” appearance, this Holden ute can move!


ABOVE: Rod on his way to his first 8-second pass at Calder Raceway.

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