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Jeff Rudolf triumphant at NMCA/NMRA SuperBowl

The 12th Annual NMRA/NMCA Nitto Tire Super Bowl held in Joliet, Illinois saw the winners in the two series pitted against each other in a battle for the Super Bowl championship and the Nitto Tire Diamond Tree rings.

Haltech was well represented with racers competing in nearly all of the heads up classes and Haltech crew on the ground providing tech support.

Steve Summers was in fine form competing in Promod (1/8th Mile) in his twin turbo Camaro. Steve qualified third in the class with [email protected] He went on to defeat Widener in E1 with [email protected] but lost in Round 2 when the brakes couldn’t hold on the line and car bumped through the staging beam.

Jeff Rudolf competed in Nitrous Pro Street  (1/4 Mile) in his BBC Nova.

He qualified first in class with [email protected] Jeff proceeded to move through the next three rounds with wins over Ritli and Vogt.

In the Finals he lined up against Jill Hicks in her ’98 Avenger. Rudolf took the win with [email protected]  vs Hicks’ [email protected]

Driving his twin turbo, small block Mustang, Chris Harrington qualified 6th with [email protected] in the Radial Wars class (1/8Mile). The qualifying run was Chris’ third pass with a new Haltech setup and his new PB.

Harrington’s campaign ended prematurely in E1 when his car drifted towards the middle of the track taking out the 1/8th mile cone. Despite beating his opponent to the finish line Harrington ended up disqualified due his crossing of the centre line.

Andrew DeMarco flew the Haltech flag in Street Outlaw (1/8th Mile) in his Vortech Blown Mustang.

He qualified 9th with a [email protected] in a very tight, combined NMRA and NMCA Street Outlaw field of 21 cars. The field was so tight the difference between the 3rd and 11th qualifier was less than 0.06sec!

Andrew defeated Gary Roben in E1 with a 4.42 vs 4.63 but spun and lost to Rob Goss in E2.

In the Factory Supercar (1/4 Mile) Carl Tasca qualified 7th with [email protected] in his supercharged Cobrajet.

Carl went on to defeat Roderick in Round 1 with 8.37 vs 8.49 but lost to Barton in E2.

Rob Rodgers qualified 8th in Renegade (1/4 Mile) with a [email protected] in his single turbo, small block Mustang.

Competing in Xtreme Street (which now runs 1/8th Mile due to mid year rules revision) Eric Kenward qualified 7th in his Malibu Wagon SBC Nitrous with [email protected]

Unfortunately mechanical gremlins he was unable to better his time and lost to Henry Lee in Round 1 with 5.27 vs Lee’s 4.87.

The event proved a hit with both the fans and racers alike. Team NMRA took the win, 9-5.

Only two events remain on this year’s calendar and the teams will be keen to better their PBs and chase their titles at the 16th Annual Honeywell Garrett NMCA All-American Nationals held on August 24th-27th at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.