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SEMA 2017 Highlights

Once again SEMA proved itself to be the cradle of automotive innovation with over-the-top builds bristling with clever engineering and new approaches to old ideas.

With so many incredible builds on display, picking one favourite was not an easy task. Nevertheless, this is exactly what we asked our SEMA crew to do. Each person had to pick just one “favourite” build from the entire show. In the interest of keeping things simple we didn’t impose any hard criteria, asking instead for a personal preference. Here is what they had to say:

Matt’s favourite is arguably the baddest, meanest pick-up at SEMA this year.

Built by Pilgrim & Stubbs Landspeed Racing it is powered by a quad turbo Duramax diesel engine.

The truck is not only a show-quality work of art but a fully fledged race car! Look out for it on the salt flats next year.

Chris’ pick combines one of the sexiest Japanese sports car body with one of the most popular American engines.

Wide, aggressive and very, very green, the Gooichi Motors “Pistachio” RX7FD is powered by a turbocharged LS engine.

The quality of this build and attention to detail is simply stunning and the LS looks quite at home in the RX7’s engine bay.

Our SEMA guest and a well-respected tuner and racer, Dale picked Quality Custom Rides’ Camaro.

Aside from the immaculate finish, the Camaro also features an Australian-built V12 LS-based engine.

Luke opted for this beautifully finished C10 pickup.

Featuring a tastefully executed LS engine swap, painstaking attention to detail and of course airbags this truck is a real head-turner.

Andrew’s personal favourite was Hert’s “TwerkStallion” RX7FC.

The choice is not surprising given that Andrew was involved in installing a new Haltech ECU in the car earlier this year.

Personal involvement aside, if you’re an import or drifting fan you’ll no doubt appreciate this car. Full of that JDM charm and oozing charisma both the car and its owner were a hit at the show.

That’s our “Staff Picks” done, but with thousands of cars on display across numerous halls, we just couldn’t leave it there. So below, ranging from sublime to ridiculous is a small sampler of the assault on the senses that is SEMA:

“Bigfoot” – the OG Monster Truck.

Created by Bob Chandler, and featured in movies like “Take This Job and Shove It” and “Cannonball Run II”, this 1974 Ford F-250 car-crushed its way into the hearts of many a schoolboy during the 80’s and beyond!

Phil Endicott’s ’32 Dodge “The Copper Coupe”. There’s three years work in the copper sheets that make up the textured body panels alone!

The attention to detail is mind-boggling!

The “copper” theme extends to the interior, and the timber is hand-shaped teak.

Rust is cool: AZN’s Dung Beetle.

AZN’s ego-crushing Beetle was swamped by crowds of Street Outlaws fans trying to get a closer look.

The Dung Beetle is controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500.

No, this is not your run-of-the-mill air-cooled flat four…


“Pocket Change” by Deadline Customs.

Powered by a turbocharged Hayabusa engine that will make close to 800hp when it’s up running. Engine Management is via a Haltech Elite ECU and an IQ3 dash.

The rear panniers house a radiator (left) and a fuel tank (right).

Haltech’s interactive display attracted plenty of visitors.

Picking up three Global Media Awards and getting plenty of attention was the soon-to-be-released Elite VMS.

 Seriously cool: Farmtruck and AZN’s Farmbird.

With 500+HP from the Nitrous-fed 455ci Pontiac Engine, it’d be a fun thing to drive too!