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Shaun’s 720hp, 8sec street VL Commodore

When Shaun Cole first purchased his VL back in 2006, all he was after was a clean, quick streeter. He chucked on a set of interceptors, tidied up the paint and body, then added the tried and true recipe of intercooler, exhaust and some boost and cruised the streets of Melbourne. 

The car stayed pretty much that way until a trip to Summernats in 2009 gave Shaun the inspiration to rebuild the car and enter it in Summernats 2010.
Some forgies went into the engine, a 35/40 turbo, JD Custom plenum, ICE ignition and a few other go-fast parts were bolted on. The engine was backed by a 3-speed trimatic auto with the whole package good for 22psi and 415.7hp.

Shaun’s 2010 Summernats expedition didn’t go to plan, however. Some low-lives snuck into the Canberra motel where Shaun was staying and pinched three cars – the VL was one of those cars stolen. Shaun was gutted. So much time and effort had been put in to complete the car and someone thought that they would just take what they couldn’t create themselves.

With a reward on offer for the return of the car and tips and leads from calaisturbo.com.au users the car was rumoured to be hidden in Sydney somewhere. As it happens the information was good. The car thief was arrested and the car returned to its rightful owner with only a few minor pieces missing. 

Fast forward to Summernats 2017, and with a few years of having the VL back in his possession and plenty of work done in between, Shaun decided to head back to Summernats and enter the Horsepower Heroes competition. 

Not only was the weather hot that year, the VL also suffered some mechanical damage when, unbeknownst to Shaun at the time, the crank snout broke.
However, despite all odds, the VL still managed to take out top six cylinder blown with a dyno pull of 565.9rwhp.

One year later Shaun was back at Summernats with a fully functional engine package thanks to a billet crank, and more favourable ambient temperatures, which netted him another six cylinder blown trophy and a very respectable 720.9rwhp.

Shaun was a happy chap!

The VL isn’t a dyno queen though, Shaun takes it out on the street cruising with his mates and to the track every chance he gets. The VL’s PB is 8.73@156mph. 

Current engine specs include a billet crank, I-beam rods, custom pistons, a solid camshaft, roller rockers and 42psi through a Garret GTX-42 turbo.

Getting all the RB power to the ground is a Power Glide, two-piece tail shaft, and a 9inch diff with a Tru-Trak centre. 

Shaun controls the engine with a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 plus an O2 Wideband Controller and a Haltech IQ3 dash lets him see all the info he needs whether on the street or on the track. 

Surprisingly Shaun doesn’t run any sort of traction or launch control with the Haltech, he does the lot with his right foot – which makes his times at the track even more impressive. 

After 12 years of ownership, it is awesome to see that Shaun now has the quick, clean streeter he always wanted. 

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