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Six Appeal: World’s Fastest Barra

With Ford Falcons all over the country running consistent 8 and 9-second passes and countless street cars pushing out four digit horsepower figures, it’s not surprising Australians are very fond of Ford’s locally manufactured Barra engine.

Relatively inexpensive and capable of producing serious power, Barras have become a permanent fixture at Australian drag strips competing alongside their larger capacity V8 brethren.

But just how far can you push Ford’s venerable straight six in a purpose-built race car? That’s the question Dion Amato from Dyno-Mite Performance has vowed to answer.

The chassis Dion chose for this task is a USA-based ex Pro Stock Dodge Avenger.

The engine setup is clever in both its simplicity and its execution. The engine itself looks remarkably similar to a stock item, almost as if it was pulled straight out of an XR6 and bolted into a drag car.

“We still use the factory block and cylinder head,” says Dion “no point changing something that ain’t broken!”

A Precision ProMod 102 turbo pumps 55psi of boost into the engine helping it create in excess of 2000hp.

Engine management is taken care of by an Elite 2500 coupled with a REM (Race Expansion Unit).

Using the Elite + REM setup allows Dion to run two massive 5000cc injectors per cylinder. Methanol is fed to said injectors by a Weldon mechanical fuel pump.

All important data is displayed via a Haltech IQ3 Dash.

So what does all that add up to at the track? At the recently held Brisbane Jamboree Dion reset his PB and broke the national Barra record with a [email protected] pass. Pretty impressive for a car powered by an engine most commonly known for being used in countless Australian taxis!

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