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Stratton on Formula Drift podium at Evergreen


The Stratton Racing Team traveled across the country to compete in Formula Drift Pro2 Round 3 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Washington on August 4th.

“We had a successful weekend in competition as well as gaining many new fans and having a great time while doing so. This was our first time at this particular track although Dirk has done a lot of driving on banked ovals.”

The Evergreen Speedway oval is a 5/8 size, longer and faster than what Dirk is used to. Despite having to adapt quickly to the new track, Dirk scored 82 points on the first qualifying lap, putting him in 3rd place. The second lap yielded Dirk 90 points and moved him up into the Number 1 qualifying position.

“We felt confident going into tandem competition on Friday even though some of the top overall point holders were local to the track and had much more practice there.”

Dirk battled Randall Waters in Top 16 and moved on to face Brandon Schmidt in the great 8. In the final 4 Dirk faced Matt Vankirk, a local hometown hero. Dirk had a great lead run, but was penalized for his mistakes in the follow position. Vankirk moved on to win the event with the Stratton Racing Team taking the 3rd place on the podium.

The team is now placed 3rd overall in the Championship points.

“The DriftVette performed flawlessly all weekend. We were happy to put on a good show for the fans and progress together as a team.  We are already looking forward to the final event for the year at Texas Motor Speedway next month!”

“We would like to thank Haltech for their help out and for believing in us!”