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The Eagle has landed – Aaron’s 7-sec Talon

If you’ve attended the DSM Shootout over the last four years chances are you’re already familiar with Aaron Gregory and his home-built 1993 Eagle Talon.

Aaron gained his racing cred by winning the event four times in a row making his Talon one of the most reliable and consistent DSM race cars in the country.

Given the car’s track record it’s hard to believe the engine setup is actually quite basic. The 4G63 retains its factory capacity of just 2L and runs a stock crank. 

The engine mods include Vader aluminum rods, Wiseco HD pistons and a mild ported head.

Poking through a hole in the front carbon fibre bumper is an 80mm turbo capable of pushing 75psi of boost into the engine.

The fuel systems uses a mechanical pump feeding two sets (2 per cylinder) of Siemens 2300cc injectors. Haltech’s Elite 2500 controls ignition, injection, boost and nitrous control. The car is tuned and race prep’d by Dynosty.

The dash-mounted rotary trims let Aaron adjust launch RPM, boost control and the Nitrous ramp on the fly.

All the necessary information is displayed on the Haltech IQ3 Dash.

This simple yet effective setup is good for 1200hp at all fours which translates to mid seven second quarters.

Without a doubt one of the most impressive DSMs in the country and a credit to its owner and builder!