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The Silver Bullet – MSM R32GTR

Yep, yeah, it’s a GT-R R32 Skyline! Namely the Motor Sports Mechanical “MSMRH8” silver bullet.

From the outside, aside from the wheels and tyres, there’s not much to tell you that this is an 8.5 second beast of a car!

Pop the hood and it is an entirely different story.

Sitting in the bay is an RB30 “dirty 30” based billet block. Mick from Motor Sports Mechanical, says they chose the aluminium block because it is newer and offers considerable weight savings. 
The internals are Nitto 3.2 litre items, well lubricated with a dry sump kit.

Up top is an RB26 head with Hypertune billet rocker covers – these have been specially made with a low profile, to fit the larger RB30 block under the bonnet. A Hypertune inlet manifold houses  12 x 2400cc injectors.

An electronic throttle body provides superior cold start and drivability, with the Haltech 2500 controlling the DBW system. The electronic throttle also offers engine protection that can be set against the throttle position. 

Garrett’s GTX-45 provides 42psi of boost while a Hypertune 150mm intercooler does a great job of cooling the boosted air.  

The boot is just as serious as the engine bay with a four Bosch 044 fuel pump setup and a 20-litre surge tank. When in drag racing mode, the main tank is drained and the main pump is disconnected while the car runs on the fuel in the surge tank alone. 

In keeping with the attention to detail seen everywhere else in the car, the GT-R has been entirely rewired with an all-new custom loom.

A simple, ECU controlled Nitrous setup helps Mick bring the turbo up on boost while bumping in during staging. 

So what does all this hardware add up to? A fairly civilised and well-behaved street car that can run an [email protected] pass and squeeze out 1087hp on a dyno. Not bad. Not bad at all.