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Toyota 86 tested at Haltech

There is no denying the fact that this is by far the most anticipated Japanese rear wheel drive sports car in a long, long time. The hype surrounding the pre-release leaks has resulted in the first batch selling out well before landing our shores.

The aggressively priced 86 will provide Toyota with an affordable vehicle for the sports car segment. If the early reports are anything to go by, the 86 has the right stuff to be the new modifiers’ “cult” car.

Sporty looks, low centre of gravity, rear wheel drive, Subaru-sourced, flat four 2.0L “boxer” engine and a sports car pedigree that goes back to 1965 and, more notably, paying homage to the ever-popular AE86 from mid 1980s.

With the internet forums hanging on every test report and eagerly awaiting its public release, we thought we’d grab one straight out of a container and see if the car lives up to the hype.

Is it as good as everyone seems to think it is? The general consensus at Haltech HQ was yes, the 86 is indeed a very well sorted car. The best thing about it though is the scope for improvement. The 86 just begs to be be modified, it’s easy to see why tuning houses are itching to get their hands on them. Stay tuned!