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Trackside: Alec Robbins at Formula Drift Pro 2, Orlando

Alec Robbins had made a lot of updates over the off season period and headed to the first round of Formula Drift Pro2 in Orlando with a full, fresh engine build, new swaybar and some geometry changes.

“Having not driven the car since the final round at Irwindale Speedway in October, I was anxious to get behind the wheel.”

Alec’s first qualifying run landed a 83/100 which set him up in 9th place. By the time he was up for his 2nd run he was down to the 15th place and on the verge of not making top 16. 

“I knew we needed to throw down a solid run.  Not wanting to leave anything on the table I initiated slightly higher than I had in previous runs and got into the wall.”

Staying committed Alec held it wide open, tapped the wall again before pulling away from it enough to maintain angle. He kept it high on the bank and still wide open dropping down to the first and second inner clips getting them perfectly. 

“When we tapped the wall, it was hard enough to crack the left rear wheel causing it to go flat.  Going into the last outer zone, I overshot it just a little bit before pulling the car back on line and finishing the run off with big angle right on the outside zone.”

“I could tell everyone in the stands was pumped, clapping and getting thumbs up as I pulled off track.”

The wall taps impacted Alec’s score pretty heavily. He got an 80 on his second run leaving him 17th out of 40 drivers and sitting just outside of making it into competition.

“It was a huge bummer.  However going into the next round we know that we have a killer car.  My confidence in my driving and in the car has never been higher.”