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Trackside: Chrome Expression Sessions

The brainchild of Azhar Bhamji (of the Four & Rotary Nationals fame), Chrome Expression Session is the type of event that brings the grassroots motorsport back in the realm of the average punter.

With very relaxed rules, Chrome offers the participants a chance to cruise, alone or with their friends, in a controlled and safe environment.

Held at one of New Zealand’s best motorsport venues, Hampton Downs, the event offers plenty of different sessions throughout the weekend and with no WOF or registration required the variety of cars on the track is incredible.

V8s, fours, sixes, rotors, street cars, drag cars, circuit cars, drift cars or just paddock bashers all get to strut their stuff doing things they aren’t allowed to do on the public roads. Wicked!

The weather wasn’t kind to the event this year, or maybe it was just the way we Aussies perceived it, because the cold, foggy and then rainy conditions did not seem to deter the locals one tiny bit!

While Haltech is not new to the New Zealand racing and modified scene the first time we were involved with the Chrome Expression Session.

The event left such a last impression on us we’re already planning our next Chrome adventure!

MotoHub brought their LS powered Cefiro and a 20B RX4 to promote their motorsport app. 

The MotoHub app allows spectators and competitors to watch and contribute to the live stream from the event. It’s actually pretty cool!

The app is only available in New Zealand but we’re told will be soon made available to the rest of the world.

Azhar’s own R100 is a thing of rare beauty, and not just to rotor heads.

Recently rebuilt, retrimmed and repainted, the car now runs a Haltech-controlled, semi-peripheral port 13B turbo and makes around 750hp. Believe or not the car is actually street registered!

The moment the fog lifted and the sun came out the burnouts were on!

While there was no shortage of traditional V8 muscle cars, New Zealand is well known for its penchant for rotaries and there were plenty of examples on hand to prove that point!

Big thanks to Azhar and his crew for making us feel welcome, James from SQ Solutions for his invaluable help and local knowledge and Jamie Walden (Kiwi Slammed) for the great photos. We can’t wait for next year!