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Trackside: Dirk Stratton at Formula Drift Orlando

The Stratton Racing team travelled to Orlando Florida for round two of the Formula Drift Pro series.

The DriftVette was running and driving great with the new Magnuson Supercharged Lingenfelter 427 coming into Orlando. Unfortunately a loosened ground cable and burnt O2 connector damaged the alternator and O2 sensor resulting in very limited practice.

Replacement parts were overnighted from Haltech USA and the team fixed all the issues and got back on track.

“I’m still working to get fully comfortable with the added grip levels of the massive 285 Achilles radial 123s combined with the added power” said Dirk Stratton.

Friday was a much better day with Dirk getting some good practice laps in without any issues.

The weather however did not co-operate and there was light rain leading into steady rain that had the track fully wet by the end of practice. Then sun did eventually come out and started to dry out the track.

“On my first qualifying lap half of the track was dry and half of the track was wet. This made it extremely difficult to make a clean run.”

Dirk managed to get a score of 82 on that run followed by an 87. The qualifying score put him up against Chris Forsberg in top 32 battle.

Dirk did a decent job in the follow position behind Chris Forsberg but was not quite in the perfect position to stick with Chris through the center of the track where Chris would have a slow down at inside clip 1 then rocket through to the second inside clip.

Unfortunately on Dirk’s lead run the Vette would not upshift into 2nd gear and was stuck in a neutral position. This ended the battle with Chris moving on.

“Definitely not the results or showing that we wanted to have but we will keep pushing to prove what we can do against the best drift teams and drivers in the world.”

Photos courtesy of Larry Chen Photo.