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Trackside: Dirk Stratton at Formula Drift St Louis

The Stratton Racing team traveled to Gateway Motorsports park near St. Louis Missouri for the 6th round of the Formula Drift Pro Championship series. The track layout is a very fast road course with 4 inside clips, one touch and go, and one outside zone. Fast, fun, and technical.

“The DriftVette ran great all weekend with no mechanical issues. We did adjust the setup throughout the weekend to get the car to move smoother through this course.”

“We qualified with a score of 70, not the score we wanted at all but we were happy to be in the show for Saturday. This put us against Chelsea Denofa for the Top 32 battle who drives a RTR Ford Mustang.” 

Luck of the draw in practice didn’t allow Dirk to get as much follow tandem practice as he wanted to get.

“My follow run with Chelsea I was a bit too tight on the first inside clip which threw off my line for the rest of the run, not a bad run at all just not what I wanted. My lead lap against Chelsea was the best run I had made all weekend and it looked really good.”

Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to beat out the RTR Mustang but each round brings with it new experiences and Dirk keeps building his driving skills.

“We will now get the car prepped and ready for the next event at the Texas Motor Speedway.”

Photos by Larry Chen, instagram @larry_chen_foto