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Trackside: Formula Drift Texas

The threat of rain did not stop the fans from attending nor the competitors from putting on one hell of a show at the Texas round of Formula Drift. With only two rounds left in the season, the Texas round provided plenty of highs and lows for the Haltech teams.

Driving his Haltech-powered Koruworks 350Z, Ryan Litteral progressed all the way to the Top 8 where unfortunately he was knocked out by Chelsey DeNofa.

“To even fathom climbing all the way to the Great 8 in our first PRO 1 effort is still so surreal. Grenading our driveshaft during Pro2 qualifying we thought we were done for the weekend. But thank you to our friends and competitors in the paddock we were able to repair what we needed to and got out there to make the main show in PRO1.”

The car ran better than ever until the very end with our battle with Chelsey DeNofa our supercharger started to falter but we still gave a valiant effort. This round was definitely full of ups and downs and it was sheer grit that got us through!”

Forrest Wang qualified in the 6th spot laying down a 92 in the dry and a 91 in wet conditions. Forrest went on to defeat Faruk Kugay in the first round but succumbed to Vaugh Gittin Jr in the Top 16 round.

Dirk Stratton qualified in a 16th position which put him again Ken Gushi in the first round.

“We knew this wouldn’t be an easy battle but definitely a good one.”

Unfortunately, disaster struck on the first practice lap on Saturday morning. Dirk was off line a little causing him to slow down more than the follow driver expected. The follow driver hit Dirk right on the passenger rear wheel which resulted in a broken wheel, knuckle, toe rod, and brake rotor.

“We didn’t have a spare knuckle ready to go. We thrashed and got the knuckle welded back together and the car fixed just in time to make it up for the top 32 battle with Ken Gushi.”

Dirk went out and made a great lead run hitting all the marks he needed to. However, he just did not have enough momentum coming through the first turn following Ken to stay as close as he needed to for the rest of the course which gave Ken the win.

Kyle Mohan faced a similar challenge, being placed against Fredrick Aasbo in the first round. Mohan did not hold back, pushing Aasbo right to the end but the judges sided with the Toyota driver awarding him the win.

The final battle saw teammates Piotr Wiecek and James Dean battle it out with Wiecek emerging victorious.

Flying the Haltech flag in Pro 2 was Kelsey Rowlings in her Coyote powered Silvia. Kelsey battled Sean Adriano in Round 1.

“The inconsistent weather made for some really tough conditions to compete in, and Sean was able to out drive me this time. I can’t wait to dial this car in even more. I really feel like we are finally getting it figured out!”

“While I’m disappointed that I got knocked out on top 16 but I’m really proud of my driving this weekend.”

Photos courtesy of Larry Chen, instagram ( @larry_chen_foto )