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Trackside: Greg’s 1081hp, Twin Turbo HQ Kingswood

Greg’s super clean, mean HQ cranked out an impressive 1081hp at the rollers on the Summernats 31 Horsepower Heroes dyno, but it wasn’t always meant to be this way.  

Greg originally found the car in a mate’s paddock about 10 years ago, and thought “That’s a project I’d like to get to one day”. He then moved the quey to another paddock where it lived under a gum tree for a number of years.

It wasn’t until Greg decided to marry and wanted to use the HQ as his wedding car, that the “one day” project finally got underway.

There were a few issues though. Namely, the car was covered in gum tree stains, full of rust, and was home to what may have been several hundred Aussie spiders. 

Pro-tip: new wives do not want to share the wedding car with spiders. Greg’s Mrs wouldn’t go near the thing! 

The only solution was a full shell-off body, bare metal, full rotisserie rebuild… and that’s where things started to get out of hand. 

Greg was originally going to power the HQ with a stout LS package, until he saw the 427ci LSX engine for sale. 

The engine now runs Mast alloy heads, twin 6766 Precision turbos, and a sexy AF Ozmo carbon fibre intake. 

A Haltech Elite 2500 ensures the engine stays happy and healthy whether Greg is belting out big dyno numbers, or just sedately cruising the street.

And thankfully, there are no more spiders!