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Two All-Haltech Finals at The Shootout

Tradition: An established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.

Since 1992 Buschur Racing has hosted the world’s largest gathering of DSM, Evo, and GT-R performance enthusiasts in the small rural town of Wakeman, Ohio. For 25 years now thousands upon thousands of people have made the pilgrimage to The Shootout which has been described as an “automotive family reunion”.

Some of the biggest rivalries are also the strongest friendships. Competitors and enthusiasts alike often come to each others’ rescue, lending their time, parts, skills, and support to keep each other pushing forward.

Listening to the hundreds of stories and memories from guys who have been coming to this event for years simply reminds you of all that is good in the automotive community.

Friday morning the small town of Wakeman shuts down its main road due to the flood of cars pouring in for the first day of the event. Day 1 includes a massive car show, vendor row and a dyno competition at Buschur Racing.

Starting Friday night the masses begin to migrate west toward Norwalk, Ohio relocating into the Summit Racing Motorsports Park. The first round of qualifying takes place while everyone settles in for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday starts the day off with a large Autocross event. Many competing here are participating in a Max Effort class which combines your best Autocross lap with your fastest pass on the Dragstrip.

This unique class lets drivers show off their cars’ full potential not just in a straight line, but in corners as well.

Saturday and Sunday sees a pass after pass on the drag strip with testing, qualifying and racing in full swing. Records are broken and new bars set on both a personal as well as national and even world levels.

All-Haltech Finals

This year’s event saw all-Haltech finals in two classes.

 In Quick 32, Devin Schultz faced off against Aaron Gregory.

Aaron claimed the class trophy with a 7.589@182.8mph pass.

Hailing from Kentucky (not too far from the Haltech USA office), Aaron is a regular at the DSM Shootout having won the Quick 32 class for last 4 years in his Haltech-powered ’93 Eagle Talon.

Devin Schultz of Boostin Performance piloted a ’96 Eagle Talon dubbed the Red Demon.

The car rolled off the trailer for the first time in 2017 with a fresh build and clicked off an 8 second pass.

Devin went on to make a couple of 7-second passes and wrapped up the event taking 2nd place after losing to Aaron Gregory.

Pro RWD finals saw CDub’s Nick Abele line up against Adnan Omerovic.

Adnan took the win in his Haltech-powered 4G63 powered RX7 with an 8.317.

Nick Abele took the runner-up title in his 4G63 powered Mustang with an 8.363 pass. Both cars are using Haltech Elite ECUs.

Mirjan Sadik set a new national record with an 8.07 sec pass at 184mph!

Mirjan and his Haltech-powered Yorky’s Evo are also now the #1 contenders for the Sparktech 7-sec Evo Bounty.

DSM drag racing legend and and long-time holder of the Fastest FWD DSM title, Kevin Kwiatkowski set a PB with a 7.9@180mph pass. He has since reset it again with his current PB being at 7.6@182mph.

Kevin’s Kiggly Racing ’91 Plymouth Laser has run a Haltech for years and is one of the most recogniseable cars in the DSM scene.

Mike Wohler piloted the Gastroker Eclipse clicking off a best pass for the weekend of 8.1@187mph.

The AG Autosports crew showed up in full force running multiple Haltech-powered cars including an AWD Plymouth Colt, and the Karma Evo.

While mechanical issues kept their Evo from making a solid pass, the car showed plenty of potential and hopefully we’ll be hearing more from AG Autosports soon.

A couple of Haltech-powered S2000s flew the Honda flag at the event. Eric Jarvis put on a good show with his K24 turbo S2000 proving that yes, you can pull the front wheels with your Honda!

Chris Boyette showed off his awesome sounding J-series twin turbo S2000. Both Hondas made multiple 8-second passes.

A great weekend of racing and car culture with several podium finishes for Haltech. Congratulations and thank you, to all of our racers! We’ll see you at the 26th Shootout as this tradition continues.

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