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Wraps come off Mad Mike’s RADBUL drift car

If you thought “Mad” Mike Whiddett’s RADBUL MX-5 looked great without all its bodywork in place, be prepared to be blown away.

The car was officially unveiled last weekend ahead of its first race appearance at the Road Atlanta round of Formula Drift.

The car is anything but common, from the twin turbo, 26B quad rotor engine to super-wide custom body, every part of the build is an automotive work of art.

The entire build has been chronicled in the Red Bull video series The Making of RADBUL.

“There’s two sides to drifting – the competitive aspect, and the show aspect”, said Whiddett. “I’ve always been about doing things differently and building cars that push the boundaries, but for this build I wanted to take it to the next level. The MX-5 is often referred to as a hairdresser’s car, but I definitely don’t think what we’ve created could be called that now!”

“Originally we planned to use a turbocharged three-rotor 20B engine similar to the one we run in the RX-8, but once we had the MX-5 stripped down and we could see how much room we had to play with in the engine bay, it was obvious that we could go one step further with a four-rotor while staying within the rules.”

“From a parts perspective we’ve used only the best of the best from the biggest names, so combined with the engineering work this a nothing short of a world-class build. I’m confident that we’ll be really competitive in Formula D Pro.”


RADBUL is controlled via a whole array of Haltech products. From the Platinum Sport 2000, through to Thermocouple Amplifier, CDI and a Wideband 02 Controller to the IQ3 Dash, Haltech is running, controlling and logging  every aspect of the engine.


“I have driven some quick cars over the years, but nothing even comes close to how fast this thing is,  with the short wheelbase and the power to weight ratio of more than one horsepower per kilogram we knew it would be a handful, but from a balance point of view I could tell right away that it’s got so much more potential than any of my other cars. That doesn’t mean it’s any less crazy though – I was shaking the first time I drove it.”

“Though we have a lot to learn, I really can’t wait to get behind the wheel of RADBUL and take on the rest of the world.” Mike Whiddett.

Haltech would like to wish Mike and his crew the best of luck at Formula Drift. We look forward to seeing him and RADBUL on a podium really soon!

Images by Miles Holden
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