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ECU Manager 1.13 (128MB)
ECU Manager 1.12.5 (163MB)
ECU Manager Changes Log


Newer firmware versions are installed on your PC with the installation of newer versions of ECU Manager.
Updating your software version does not automatically upload the firmware to your ECU, this must be performed as a
separate process and is recommended that a Haltech Dealer or experienced user only perform this upgrade.


Critical Firmware Update

Upgrading to the firmware below will only fix the following issues, if you are not affected by these issues there is
no need to upgrade.

It is strongly recommended that users with V1.11.0 or V1.11.1 upgrade to the following version or newer if available.
If you have a version higher than V1.11.1 then upgrading is not required



This version fixes faults that were found with electronic throttle and fuel composition sensor features.

  • Enabling the fuel composition sensor on a DPI causes ECU communication error
  • Improvement to Electronic throttle error detection


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