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Passionate Software Engineer Wanted!
  • Work for a small, dynamic company looking to shake up our market
  • Use your skills to build tools to make cars go faster!
  • Background in modified performance cars would be a big bonus

Are you an awesome programmer? Are you willing to learn new skills? Are you willing to be accountable for outcomes?

We are an established player in our market, but we are looking to make big changes to our software products and also to the market as a whole. Our mission is to empower automotive enthusiasm using technology, and we are looking for a self-starter who is both technically and emotionally mature. We need someone who is just as comfortable looking at a data structure and saying “that should be an array, not a list” as looking at a user interface and saying “Why are we making the user do that extra step? That’s not very nice.”

This role involves:

  • Software programming. Writing new user interface application code in C# .NET in a tight team. We will expect you to make good architectural decisions from a back-end perspective (eg data structures, file formats and comms protocols) as well as good front-end decisions.
  • Communicating with the rest of the team (the other engineers) and other stakeholders (management, sales staff etc)
  • Maintenance of existing C# .NET products
  • Developing an article syndication system to share user documentation and help articles across various systems (including in our application)
  • Developing software programs for in-house use where required 

The right person will have:

  • Excellent English and communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills – one of our core values is “encouraging the right way”, which is to use the scientific method
  • Proficiency in C# / .NET
  • Computer science degree or equivalent, or proof/experience to show equivalent competence
  • Values aligned with our own:
  1. We practise open and honest communication
  2. We do the right thing for the customer
  3. We are deliberate, not desperate
  4. We innovate and constantly improve
  5. We are one team and have fun 

Bonus points will be awarded for:

  • A background and interest in modified performance cars, and bonus points for having a tuning / ECU setup background
  • A background in real time PC programming or programming applications which need to be fast and responsive

To apply for this opportunity:

  • Please send a personalised, not form, response to jobs@haltech.com.au
  • Start the first line with “Hi Andy,”. If you start the email with anything other than that (eg “Dear Sir”), I will assume you haven’t read this job ad to the end, which would mean that you’re not right for this position
  • In the email, please address each of the bullet points under “This role involves”, “The right person will have” and “Bonus points will be awarded for” and tell us how you can help us complete our mission
  • Please download and install ESP from the Haltech website. Run it, and tell us what are the obvious things wrong with it from a UX perspective.
  • Please include any links or examples of your previous work.
  • Please include a description of your experience
  • Please include 3 referees (previous employers, or if you’re a recent graduate, your academic supervisor)
  • Please include your academic record/transcript if you have less than 5 years’ experience
  • Please also include any questions you have about the role or our company, your expectations and your goals