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Haltech Heroes: JUN’s Hyperactive Hyper Lemon

If you’re a JDM or time attack fan, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the name JUN Auto. Regarded as one of Japan’s leading tuner shops, JUN is also responsible for building a number of high-profile, high-performance cars. One such car is this “Hyper Lemon” 350Z R.

Rumour has it, that this Z33 was custom built for a Hong Kong based customer with the goal of competing at various Time Attack events.  After JUN Auto’s initial testing at Tsukuba and a string of magazine features in Japan and Hong Kong, the car disappeared off the motorsport radar until it recently resurfaced at RevSpeed in Melbourne Australia.

Duncan, the car’s new owner confirms it was owned by a friend of his, and did appear briefly in Macau and was then mothballed in China for a number of years. When the car became available for sale, Duncan who is a huge time attack fan, jumped at the chance to refresh the car and bring it up to spec in time for the 2018 World Time Attack Challenge.

Aside from the striking yellow bodywork, the most eye-catching part of the car is the engine itself.

The VQ35 has been upgraded with a JUN 3.8-litre stroker kit, I-beam connecting rods, crankshaft, JUN camshafts and Cosworth pistons.

 A pair of  Trust TD05H turbos feed air the beautiful, JUN-made custom intake manifold via a set ot twin intercoolers that sit below each headlight. And if you’re lucky enough to be standing very near this unicorn, you’ll see the JUN signature yellow and green engine block paint.

Possibly the greatest piece of engineering involved in this car is the AWD conversion. The system uses a complete R32 Skyline drivetrain connected to an M35 Stagea front differential case, and gears are selected via a Hollinger six-speed sequential GT-R transmission, which was very advanced at the time the car was built.

However, to comply with Open Class rules, the car must run in two-wheel drive configuration, so the front axles have been removed.  

When this car was originally built in Japan about 12 years ago, the trend in engine management electronics was to have multiple components and piggyback systems that all had a job of their own.

Today with improvements in technology, we’re able to run all the engine functions with one single unit. Which is why at the time of writing, the car’s electronics were being swapped over for a much more up to date Haltech system. 

Duncan and Ray at RevSpeed haven’t had the car on the dyno yet, but are hoping for around 800HP or over with an E85 tune.

That’s not a small amount of power, but the 350Z is a heavy beast, weighing in at a bit over 1300 kilograms. Duncan says once the tune is in, he’ll be focusing on putting the big Z33 on a diet in the interest of quicker lap times. 

While we’re on the topic of quick lap times, despite being an accomplished driver himself, Duncan has decided only one man has the skills necessary to get the quickest times out of the 350z.

So that’s why – in a move that will surely excite fans of classic JDM Time Attacking – he’s flying in Superlap super-star driver Tarzan Yamada to muscle the 350z around Sydney Motorsport Park this October. 

Want to see this iconic Japanese duo take on the best Time Attack teams from around the world? Get yourself to Sydney on October 12 and 13 for World Time Attack Challenge and make sure to drop by the Haltech stand. We’ll see you there!

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